Tattoo Removal Services in Bangalore

For those of you wanting to get a tattoo faded for a cover-up piece or for those wanting complete removal, Casopicasso Tattoo Removal has affordable options. A professionally trained laser specialist can offer you a free consultation to discuss your unwanted tattoo. It is safe and effective laser tattoo removal using a state of the art Q-switched laser. Tattoos typically take 5-10 treatments to reach complete removal. The main factors that affect the tattoo removal process are the brand of ink, depth and thickness of the ink, and color of the ink that was used in the tattoo. Some brands of ink fade very quickly, while others are resilient, but we can't tell what you have until we treat it 1-2 times.

at Laser Tattoo Removal to maximize the potential fading of a patients Tattoo ink at each and every session in a clinical setting while minimizing any and all potential side effects by using the best technology and proven protocols delivered by experienced, certified and highly trained licensed Medical Professionals who are committed to our patient’s satisfaction.
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