Body Piercing in Bangalore


Body piercing is very popular with both men and women. Many areas of the body are used for piercing. Most people who have piercings do not develop any problems. The ears are the most common piercing site. Most of the time, an earlobe piercing heals without any problems. Piercing other areas of the ear usually involves piercing the cartilage that gives the ear shape. Piercing ear cartilage creates a wound that is harder to clean, takes longer to heal, and is more likely to become infected than earlobe piercing.

If you are considering a body piercing, The Casopicasso can be the solution. We use high-quality medical instruments and perform the procedure in a sterile environment.Because we are a medical facility, we can provide local anesthesia making the procedure pain free! Small children ear piercing, belly button, eyebrow and other body piercing available.

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